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Dreaming of a taste of Vanlife but don't know where to start?

Freedom, flexibility and far away places! So you've been thinking about getting your own camper van for a while now. You could get away when you want, escape the crowded places and explore some of the UK and Europe's most beautiful places. BUT, how do you go about it? How will it work in reality? Can the kids and the dog come too?

Camper vans are not for everyone, that's for sure but if you are going to invest in one, taking your time and doing your research is key. In May we were approached by Kirsty who needed a van that she could take to France this summer. On a tight deadline, Kirsty needed the van ready to set off on her adventures by 20th July. Taking up a placement for her Speech Therapy degree with a family in France, she needed the van to travel and live in with her 2 children and their friend. As the family normally live in Cornwall, where the roads are narrow, a long wheel base van was not an option!

Our first step was to talk to Kirsty and find out what she needed. After sourcing her the perfect van, we began the build, staying in touch with her throughout the process. The result: a medium wheel-based Mercedes Sprinter, beautifully handcrafted into a bespoke home on wheels. Two bunks for her daughters, a kitchen, pull out dining table, double bed as well as loads of quirky touches including a climbing frame on the back of the bunks!

Keep following us on Facebook and @wolfpact_hire on Instagram for updates on Kirsty's adventures in her new van.

At Wolfpact we’re a small team of four which is how we will always stay. We don't want a ‘factory’. It’s a personal service we offer and we only build a maximum of six vans a year, so you’ll definitely be special!

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