Our Background

Hire with us. Help a Husky.

The  inspiration behind our brand comes from our dogs.  In 2016 we adopted Mika, our Husky/Malamute cross. His handsome face, kind temperament and wolf like features capture attention everywhere we go with people are always asking about him and to have their photograph taken with him.  Since then we have gone on to adopt three more dogs: Nahla, Storm and Alaska who get equal amounts of attention. We want to share our love of these amazing dogs as well as give something back.

​Snow dog rescue centres in the UK and across the world have seen dramatic increases in abandoned huskies and other snow dogs.

We have partnered with Balto&Co Dog Rescue, a registered charity that works with hard to re-home, mainly large breed dogs.  We will donate a percentage of each booking to this rescue organisation. For more information please refer to our FAQs. 


Meet the Team

We Love Attention



Top Model

Everywhere you go with Mika, he gets attention. Extremely handsome, super cool and a proper white wolf, this boy always evokes a incredible reaction!

He is friendly and gentle and he loves a good fuss. He's great with kids, which is good as they love him as much as adults.


Junior Assistant

Storm, the youngest of the four is striking in appearance. He is a big boy which makes him stand out even more. He is outgoing, excitable and playful and responds well to commands, especially if there is a treat in it for him!

Storm is a stunning colour and like Nahla he also has one blue and one brown eye.




Nick-named Bad Nana, this spirited bi-eyed beauty is full of life and personality.  Like Mika, she is great with children and is even developing her own cool kids range of eco-friendly merchandise.

Watch this space!


Wellbeing Champion

Alaska is our newest recruit. She oozes positivity, is a bundle of energy and has unlimited kisses and cuddles for everyone she meets! Pure white with the most beautiful eyes, this little Romania rescue is a self sufficient and confident young lady.

Alaska yoga.jpg

Our Ethics


In order for you to enjoy our stunning Airstream we have to bring it to you. We know that this in itself generates carbon emissions, but  we will offset these by purchasing carbon offset credits. We also aim to:

  • use local traders and businesses where possible 

  • use reclaimed wood and other materials 

  • support the recycling community by using vintage 

  • supply no single use plastic glasses 

  • reduce packaging and waste

  • make all our merchandise eco-friendly

  • Give a percentage of our profits back to snow dog charities