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B Mor Dog During These Times

Amid the chaos and devastation caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19, there have been some positives, one of which is that many of us have slowed down and are working from home. This means we get to spend more time with our dogs. Great for them and great for us! We could not be more thankful now, for the amazing company our 4 rescue huskies bring us every day.

Benefits of being a dog parent at this time

There’s no doubt about it, being a dog parent is one of the best jobs in the world but when the chips are really down, they provide us a range of benefits that we might sometimes take for granted:

They boost our wellbeing. In these testing times, our furry friends can offer us some much needed pet therapy.

They keep us fit and healthy. While the world is practicing social distancing dog owners are still getting out and about walking their doggies.

They are great entertainment. Who needs 4 episodes of EastEnders a week when you have 4 huskies to provide endless entertainment?

They are the best company. Self-isolation is better with a dog. Some

would even argue that dogs are better company than humans anyway!

How will dogs be affected by Covid-19

There is no evidence to suggest that our dogs can contract the virus, but the indirect effects need to be considered. The RSPCA has written a great blog on how to look after your pets if you are ill or have to self-isolate.

People will become poorly, some will lose their lives and the economic consequences are unimaginable. So how might this affect our dogs and how can we help?

Economic hardship could lead to owners not being able to afford dog food. If you can, help by donating this to food banks and neighbours in need.

Self-isolating, especially for the elderly and vulnerable may mean the

y are not able to get out and walk their dog. Offer to help where you can. It will help you meet your daily steps goal!

Dogs may need to be re-homed as a result of losing their owner or financial hardship. Where you can, donate to dog rescue charities and if you are thinking of getting a dog. Please think about rescuing one. At Wolfpact, we support Balto&Co Dog rescue.

These really are difficult times. There is no doubt about it. Perhaps as we move forward and reflect, we will look to change how we are and what we do. There are so many great posts on social media and stories of how we are pulling together as communities to help each other. Maybe we will all become kinder, less selfish, more respectful and tolerant of others, unconditional in our love and put aside our differences. Just like dogs. B Mor Dog!

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