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A True Friend Leaves Paw Prints On Your Heart....You Can't Buy Love But You Can Rescue It!

To celebrate international day of Friendship we explore the the benefits of rescuing a dog. If you are considering re-homing a dog, read on to find out more about what you need to know. In 2016 we rescued our first dog Mika, and now we have a family of four! To say it's been easy would be a lie, but then nothing worth having in life comes easy! However when you open up your home to a rescue dog, then you will be gaining a new best friend. Of course it's natural to want a puppy or a certain breed, but if you ask yourself why you really want a dog and you might just come round to the thinking that rescue is the best kind of breed! So what are the benefits of rescuing dogs?

  • You could be saving a life. Our fourth dog, Alaska was rescued by the Biggies League who work to prevent dogs going to kill shelters abroad.

  • Rewarding expereience. Rescue dogs often come with more complex issues depending on their previous lives, but each day when they make progress it warms your heart. Storm came to us at 8 months old with real seperation aniexty and could not be left. 1 year on, and he's now the most chilled out happy boy that can be left with no issues. Patience is key here.

  • They connect you more with people . In person and online, having rescue dogs sparks conversations out walking and there are some fantastic social network groups out there for rescue parents! Make sure you join them and you'll be amazed at the support they provide.

  • You can save money. Yes, there are fees involved in getting your rescue dog, but this is to cover the costs the rescue charity is incurring such as neutering your dog. This is still much cheaper than buying a puppy!

  • Special bonds. Once your rescue begins to trust you, you will get a special bond with them and they will be the best and most loyal friend you'll ever have!

So if you are thinking of recusing a dog, we recommend considering the following: have you got the time to invest in settling the dog in and longer term are you at home enough of the time? What type of dog do you want and is that really right for you and your family? Our huskies are amazing and wonderful loving dogs, but they are not easy to walk and they shed a lot of hair, a lot of the time! And finally, if you've never had a dog before, are you willing to change your life, because they do.....we think for the better, but you need to be prepared.

There is lots of information online to help you learn more about rescuing. One useful article is this one from Pet Plan

Our brand is inspired by our rescue huskies and we give a percentage of our profits back to Balto & Co

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