Doggie Models

That's right! Our dogs make great models. They will be the perfect statement piece for your event. You can hire any of our dogs. They are kind natured and with their striking wolf-like appearance will make your still or motion pictures stand out.

These dogs, which are the inspiration behind our brand will add real element of wow. Whether you want your very own direwolves to provide a statement piece for your wedding, or want to give your brand message a serious edge then contact us today to discuss your requirements. They could be used for advertising, press or magazine editorial, PR, special events or digital and viral marketing.

We’ll supervise the dogs as well and if you want, can make sure we capture world class shots to make your event truly memorable.

We have public liability insurance up to £2 million as well as full risk assessments and of course, we adhere to the Animal Welfare Act.

miki alps.jpg


Our dogs are available to hire from £300. We also offer discounts on hiring more than one dog as well as when hiring as an upgrade with the Airstream or one of our classic vehicles.